Frequently Asked Question

Question I -

I want to buy a hearing aid ; can you tell me the price or give me a price list ?

Hearing aid is not a commercial item that you can buy according to your choice by looking into a price list; rather, it is a medical item. You must go through proper Audiological tests and only a qualified Audiologist can guide you to select a model for you, based on your test reports, need, budget and other cosmetic requirements

Question II -

It is a shame to wear a hearing aid and I will be the laughing stock of everybody?

Latest digital technology has made hearing instruments much smaller and almost invisible. They have also become much more effective.

Remember • Hearing loss is more noticeable than the hearing instrument.
• Hearing aid will stop auditory deprivation and preserve the remaining hearing ability.
• Overall, hearing aid will improve your quality of life.

Question III -

I want to use my hearing instrument for a limited period only, as it can damage hearing.

A properly fitted and maintained hearing aid will not damage your hearing. In fact, the regular use of hearing aid can prevent deterioration of your brain's ability to interpret sounds.

Question IV -

Hearing Aid are noisy and cannot filter out distracting background sounds?

Newer digital hearing aid offer features such as multiple channels, programmes, direction ability and noise reduction, which greatly reduces the background noise.

Question V -

I do not want to wear two hearing instruments; one will be enough for me.

Binaural hearing aid (i.e. hearing aid in both ears) helps us to locate from where sounds are coming and tell approximately how far away they are. Clinical studies report a higher level of satisfaction and better hearing in difficult listening situations.

"Loss of vision means losing contact with things, but loss of hearing means losing contact with people."

Helen Keller* may have said it best.
* Helen Adams Keller (1880-1968), the internationally celebrated author and advocate for disabled people, who was both deaf and blind.