Hearing Aid Batteries

1) When your Hearing Aid doesn’t have any output / sound, its time to change your battery.

2) Know your battery size (i.e. whether it is 675, 13, 312 or 10)

3) Always keep spare batteries handy with you.

4) Buy your batteries from n authentic Hearing Aid store only.

5) Throw your used battery away from Hearing Aid as it will discharge Sulphur and damage your Hearing Aid.

6) Insert your battery property or it might break your battery door.

7) After peeling the sticker from your brand new battery, rub it and insert in Hearing Aid after 2 mints to increase battery life & better performance

8) Battery starts discharging as soon as the sticker is peeled off. Sticking is back will not preserve it.

9) Using Hearing Aid for user hours doesn’t save as much battery as you think.

10) When your aren’t using your Hearing Aid for few days’ keep batteries our of Hearing Aid. Don’t leave it inside.

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Hearing Aid Cleaning and Maintenance

1) Wipe your Hearing Aids with soft cotton cloth before and after use daily.

2) Make sure there is no earwax stuck in your Hearing Device.

3) Same Hearing Aids has wax guards which need to be replaced periodically.

4) With Time your pipe / ear molds or tips gets hardened which needs to be replaced for better performance of your Hearing Aid.

5) Handle your Hearing Aids while sitting to avoid dropping them.

6) Store it away from children and animals when not in use.

7) Remove your Hearing Aids while bathing, swimming and sleeping.

8) Protect it from water, if it does gets in contact with water, immediately disconnect it with battery & keep it dehumidifier box for drying.

9) Do not dry your Hearing Aid with hair dryer or heated device, since it will damage your Hearing Aid.

10) If you live in a humid area, store your Hearing Aid in dehumidifier box or get in electrically dehumidified for 6 hours in your clinic every 3 months.

Lastly you should take your Hearing Aid for routine checkup every 3-6months to your Hearing Aid Center.

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